Magical Marble Countertops in Miami, FL

You may have decided that it’s time for a kitchen remodelling or a bathroom renovation, but have you figured out what countertop would be perfect for your home? When it comes to this vital workspace, a quartz stone countertop can perfectly combine functionality with style. If you are looking for Florida’s most affordable, highest quality granite countertops, look no further than New York Quartz.

Experienced Installations in Every Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

New York Quartz has been helping design, manufacture, fit, deliver, and install quartz kitchen countertops and cabinets in Pompano Beach for over 25 years, and we are ready to bring that expertise straight to your home. We will assist you at every stage of your kitchen renovation and bathroom remodelling, ensuring that your custom marble countertop perfectly fits the look, feel, and physical dimensions of your room. We provide over 60 colors of the highest quality granite to choose from, ensuring that your quartz surface options are limited only by your imagination. We also work directly with kitchen fitters, home renovators, and other contractors to ensure that your new countertop perfectly aligns with every other aspect of your home renovation. With that attention to detail and careful communication, you will be certain to obtain the quartzite kitchen countertops of your dreams in no time at all.

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Still uncertain if a quartz stone countertop is right for your kitchen or bathroom renovation project? Why not browse our online store, or our Pompano Beach store, to see countertops we have on offer. Our store also carries a range of bathroom flooring, tiles, sinks, and vanities, making it your one-stop-shop for a top-down bathroom remodelling project. You can also learn more by calling (754) 212-8778 or by emailing There are no limits to quartz countertops – all you need to do is call us to get started.