5 cabinet design trends for 2020

cabinet design trends

We’re starting a new decade – so what new designs will the 2020s bring? New York Quartz Design Center is at the cutting edge of home renovation and design in Florida. Here are some of our favorite kitchen cabinet design trends for the year ahead.

Plain and painted

According to Houzz, this is one of the hottest trends for 2020. We’re used to kitchen suites with all-wood cabinets, or cabinets painted in one color.

But now? Look out for kitchens with painted cabinets and plain wood accents. This is a fresh twist on conventional designs, and brings a natural touch into the most sophisticated kitchen.

Fluted and frosted glass

We’ve been talking about glass cabinets for a while now. And popular lifestyle blog, The Kitchen, agrees with us!

Fluted glass cabinets and frosted glass cabinets will be a major trend this year. They offer the elegant, light-filled look of glass cabinets – but don’t display everything inside. It’s the perfect compromise between design and daily use.

Blues and grays

Which colors will dominate kitchen design in 2020? According to FlooringInc, we’ll see a lot of cool blues and grays. Of course, these are also classic colors for a bathroom renovation. If you don’t like that color palette, then soft whites and beiges will also be popular this year.

Minimalist handles

We love a stylish, hi-tech cabinet design. The cult design blog Apartment Therapy says that hidden handles will be a major trend in 2020, especially cut-out handles or touch-release handles.

Open shelving

And finally, there’s one design trend that everyone agrees on. Open shelving has made a comeback!

For a modern look, Sebring recommends combining open shelves with closed cabinets. Just like the trend of painted and plain cabinets, it’s a fresh mix of styles that offers convenience as well as design.