What is templating for interior design?

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If you take a look at the list of services we offer at New York Quartz, you’ll notice “templating” on the list. But what is templating? And why does it matter for your home design and renovations?

What is templating?

Templating is part of the design process for custom countertops, cabinets, and other fittings for kitchens and bathrooms. When you work with New York Quartz on your kitchen or bath modeling, we’ll start with an in-home consultation. One of our showroom specialists will visit your home to view the space you’re working with, take measurements, and help you find the perfect design.

Next, we create a template of your fittings. So for example, if you want a new marble kitchen countertop, we’ll create an exact template to show the size and shape of the countertop.

Why templating is important

So why do we bother with this whole process? To make sure that you get the perfect piece of stone!

When you order a custom countertop or other fittings, our manufacturers and fabricators get raw materials to work with. But every slab of natural stone looks different, with unique patterns, colors, and variations.

We take your template along so that when your countertop is cut from the stone, it has the exact color and pattern that you want. We can also check that there are no flaws or weaknesses in the block of stone.

To learn more about our design and manufacturing processes, just visit our showroom in Pompano Beach! We’re here to make your home design dream into a reality.