The latest trends in kitchen lighting for 2019

Kitchen Cabinet 21

We’re not just about quartz countertops. We love a good interior design – and we know that the right lighting is essential to make your kitchen shine. Here are some of our favorite trends in kitchen lighting design for 2019.

The color of your light matters

In 2019, kitchen lighting is getting smart. It’s not just about the light shade: it’s about the color of the lightbulb, too.

Think about the mood you want to create. Blue or white light makes people feel active and wakeful, while yellow lights are calming and relaxing. Red lights are warm and welcoming, but encourage a quiet mood.

Grown-up pendant designs

Remember when every designer went through that hipster phase ten years ago? There was a whole lot of exposed brick, exposed pipework, and hanging lightbulbs without shades.

Well, that trend has matured. Pendant lights are still popular, but now they’re covered with elegant modernist shades in matte pastels. Hang a line of pendants above the kitchen table or kitchen island to create a pleasing effect.

Spot, cluster and layer lighting

Forget the single, central light: now it’s all about control. Design your kitchen with carefully-placed spot lighting, or clusters of bulbs. Make sure they are installed with separate switches, so that you can find the right light level for each moment.

Metallic shades

Metal, metal, metal. It’s everywhere in 2019 – from glossy stainless steel to warm copper and glitzy gold. A simple, metallic light shade will bring any kitchen up to date.