If a Full Kitchen Remodel Isn’t in the Budget, What Should Be Done First?

Homeowners who wish to sell their houses or simply remodel them tend to work hardest on their kitchens. When you are undergoing kitchen remodeling in Fort Lauderdale, you will typically need new appliances, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, counter tops, and windows. If your budget doesn’t encompass a down-to-the-studs remodel, what are the areas to focus on?

Staying or Going

Whether or not homeowners are remaining in their homes or moving out dictates much of what is replaced in a kitchen remodel. The most expensive upgrade is cabinets. If the homeowner is staying and can’t afford new cabinets, then they can be painted on a eye-catching color keeping with the style of the house. If the homeowner is staying and can afford it, then there the choices are endless.

Moving out means the upgrades are balanced by the return on investment at closing. Replacing cabinets and counters is often the first renovation that homeowners request. Opening up the room to an open floor plan is the second.

What’s Most Important

A remodel is usually figured at 15 percent of the home’s value. In a $250,000 house, this equals out to about $11,000 on cabinets and $4,000 for counter tops. The rest can be used for appliances, lighting, paint, and flooring.

Homeowners have a hard choice regarding counter tops. The most expensive and most popular material might not be right for your style of house or cooking needs. For example, if you use a lot of acidic ingredients such as tomatoes or vinaigrette and are remaining in the house, a quartz counter would be an appropriate option.

If you’re selling the house, then a granite, marble, or slate counter would fit well. All are natural stone options with their own benefits and would delight any potential buyer. Using quartz counters in your kitchen remodel is an equally good idea if you’re thinking about selling your house.