Why stone basins are the latest trend in interior design

At New York Quartz, we love to keep up with the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design. And if you’ve spent time looking through our catalog, you know that we love stone too! So today’s topic brings together two of the things we love best. Let’s talk about the fashion for stone basins.

How to test the trend

The interior design magazine Living Etc reports that stone sinks are one of the hottest trends for 2019. Why? Because a stone sink really will last a life time. The natural material will age and weather, depending on your location, stone type, and how you use it. When you install a stone sink, you’re installing an heirloom which will record the unique story of your family life.

Choose different stone types depending on your style. Industrial-effect concrete is popular this year, because it’s tough and contrasts beautifully with other elements of your kitchen design. Pink marble and rose quartz are another way to tap into 2019 style, with its focus on soft pinks. Or if you want to keep things natural, choose a classic, natural stone in gray or earth tones.

Pros and cons of stone sinks

Stone sinks are elegant, strong, and long-lasting. However, like any other investment, they need the proper care.

Ask your designer about the best way to maintain and care for your stone basin. (Or check out our blog on how to maintain kitchen and bathroom sinks!) Some stone types need to be treated with sealant so that they don’t get water-damaged over time.

You’ll also need to bear in mind that stone sinks are heavy. So if you choose to install a stone basin, it will need to be fitted and supported correctly. Make sure you work with expert installers and kitchen or bathroom fitters so that your sink really will last a lifetime.