5 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow for Kitchen Design Inspiration


Instagram is full of beautiful ideas for your kitchen remodel – but with over 500 million users, it can be difficult to find the right people to follow! We’ve collected our 5 favorite Instagram accounts to inspire your kitchen renovations and design.

My House Idea

My House Idea shares photographs and blogs of major home renovations.    Follow for beautiful interior and exterior views of homes from around the world, with detailed commentary on their website.

Stonearth Resources

Stonearth Resources is a granite mine in the area of Nellore, India. They share photos of day-to-day work at the mine, extracting and cutting granite slabs. If you have a technical mind, it’s fascinating to watch – but the close-up shots of freshly cut granite are inspiring for everyone. Follow this account to see natural granite colors and textures that will inspire your choice of kitchen countertops.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a cult Instagram account for young Millennials. It focuses mostly on small, cute apartments with gorgeous interior design. Follow to keep track of the latest trends in home décor, and some quirky ideas.

Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine is a classic read for anyone who is considering renovations or home improvements. Their photographs of kitchens and bathrooms are glossy and professional, showing off the latest in design. Follow them for interior design tips, product releases, and lifestyle writing.

New York Quartz

Finally, we couldn’t leave out our very own NYQ Instagram! Follow us for before-and-after shots of our bathroom and kitchen installations, and examples of our full range of granite colors and textures.