The best bathroom color schemes for 2019

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What are the hot colors for 2019? Well, you might be surprised! After years of oh-so-cool minimalism, the big trend this year is for Eighties glamor. We’re talking precious metals, bright colors, loud patterns, and statement pieces.

Of course, your bathroom should be a sanctuary. It’s somewhere that you take time to relax, so it should be a peaceful place. Let’s take a look at how these color schemes balance 2019 style with timeless, restful design.


Think of classic 80s checkerboard patterns. There are a million ways to translate that into bathroom design: black and white tiles, black stone countertops against white walls, or cool white porcelain combined with dark glass.

Dark grey with copper or bronze details

These deep, warm tones create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Use dark grey tiles, slate or granite to add depth to your design, then use copper and bronze to add points of light. We’re thinking bronze taps, bright metal cabinet handles, and antique copper bathroom accessories.

Neutral tones with wood accents

If you prefer a natural, lighter look, then this is the way to go. It’s a toned-down version of the bright colors we’re seeing this year. Wooden cabinets create a fresh, Scandinavian atmosphere.

Statement colors and white walls

Want to stand out? Then your bathroom needs a statement piece. Set colored stone counters or bright cabinets against plain white walls for a vivid, exciting bathroom design.

Gold and silver

The ideal bathroom is all about luxury. And what could be more luxurious than precious metals? For some series Eighties glam, match gold details with classic marble counters.

Blush pink

Pink is one of the most popular colors in 2019. And because it comes in so many different shades, we’re sure you can find the perfect pink for your bathroom design. Combine creamy, pale pinks with natural wood, or accent deeper pinks with gold bathroom details.

Natural stone

Finally, this choice combines a natural feel with high quality materials. Choose plain, natural stone to make a subtle statement in your design.