7 ways to use stone remnants in your interior design

Stone Picture

When you install a quartz or granite countertop, our expert crafters cut and dress the stone to fit your kitchen or bathroom. The shape and size have to be exact – and there are usually stone remnants left over.

Remnants come in every color and material you can imagine. They range from big chunks of stone to small fragments. And they tend to be a little more affordable than larger pieces! So if you’ve visited our showroom in Pompano Beach and picked up a few, here are 7 ideas to use stone remnants in your home.

Kitchen or bathroom backsplash

This is a great way to add a pop of color to a plain design. Choose a fragment in a highly textured stone, or a bright color, and set it behind your kitchen or bathroom sink. The backsplash also protects painted walls from water and stains.

Statement shelves

Use chunky stone fragments as rugged book and ornament shelves. However, stone shelves can be very heavy – so make sure that you choose remnants carefully, and have the shelves installed by a professional.

Table tops and desk tops

Have you seen those classic marble-topped tables in Italian cafés? Add some continental chic to your home with a stone-topped coffee table or writing desk.

Cutting boards and cheese boards

This is a great way to use up smaller, lighter fragments. You could choose a stone that matches your kitchen countertops, or go for a contrast. Either way, it’s sure to be a great conversation piece.

Book ends

Here’s a stylish way to keep your bookshelves in order, or fill in space. Choose two remnants of similar size, or have them cut into matching shapes.


Use stone fragments as garden paving stones, to mark out flower beds, or to build a rustic water feature.

Unique ornaments and carvings

Why not look for local artists near you? Then choose a remnant with a stone and color that speaks to you, and have a custom work of art to place at the center of your kitchen or bathroom design.