What are the Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Countertops?

Quartz has been popular with builders and designers for as long as mankind has been carving stone. And it’s a true classic – even today, quartz is stylish, elegant, and versatile. In today’s post, we’ll break down all the pros and cons of using a quartz countertop in your kitchen renovation.

Quartz countertops are strong

If you’ve ever tried to lift a piece of quartz, you know how dense and heavy it is. In fact, quartz is just as durable and strong as granite, or even cement.

But it’s also relatively flexible. That means quartz is less likely to flake, chip, or crumble.

Quartz countertops don’t need maintenance

We’ve already seen how strong quartz is. Unlike natural stones such as marble or granite, it’s also completely impermeable and non-porous.

When you’re choosing materials for your kitchen remodeling, non-porous is the ideal. Liquids won’t soak into the stone, so you can easily wipe up any spills or messes. No more stains from olive oil or tomato sauce!

All the colors of the rainbow

The only limit is your imagination. You can find quartz in any color, and with a dazzling variety of different patterns. We have over 60 different colors in our online gallery – and if you’re looking for something really unique, we’ll be happy to order it in.

Contemporary shine

Quartz has a high gloss as soon as it’s shaped and installed. No polish or varnish required. If you want a contemporary kitchen renovation with a modern look, then a gleaming quartz countertop is just what you need.

Our experts will help you pick out the perfect pattern, color and design in our showrooms. And what’s more, we will fully install your quartz kitchen countertop! Get in touch today and make your dream kitchen a reality.