Kitchen Design in Fort Lauderdale | 3 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen Design in Fort Lauderdale

Is your kitchen’s design dated? Whether you have recently bought an older home, or just haven’t updated your kitchen for a significant amount of time, upgrading and modernizing your kitchen is a great way to add value to your home while making your space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Below are three ways to update your kitchen. If you are in need of kitchen design in Fort Lauderdale, contact us today!

Upgrade Your Kitchens Hardware

Outdated kitchens also generally have old hardware, such as outdated drawer pulls, and lighting fixtures. Updating these small details can make a huge difference in your space. Experimenting with matte aluminum, stainless steel, brushed gold, or copper hardware is an easy way to add a contemporary twist to your kitchen.

Update Your Kitchens Flooring

Kitchen flooring is often forgotten during a renovation. However, this is an important factor when it comes to updating your kitchen. Consider swapping out old rolled vinyl or linoleum flooring, for tile, wood, or stone.

Put a Modern Twist on Your Counter Tops

Never underestimate the power of an updated countertop. Your countertops are a large part of your kitchen’s space. Older kitchen countertops are generally tile-and-grout or vinyl, that cheapens the look of the entire room. Modernize your countertops and kitchen with stone varieties such as marble and granite.

Kitchen Design in Fort Lauderdale

Your kitchen countertops in Fort Lauderdale should withstand everything that your life throws at them! So, contact us at New York Quartzto know which stone and style is best for you and yours.