Kitchen Countertops in Fort Lauderdale | Popular Trends of 2018

Kitchen Countertops in Fort Lauderdale

Memories are made in the kitchen. And, your kitchen countertops in Fort Lauderdale should always be a happy one. In 2018, the trends are truly timeless. So, read to learn how to upgrade your kitchen for a lifetime:


We’re always on the move. And, quick meals and little time to spend in the kitchen happens on a daily basis. So, people are opting for a countertop that can keep up with them. Quartz isn’t porous, meaning it requires very little maintenance and is as stylish as it is durable.

Neutral Tones

The kitchen is no longer a place just for cooking. Family time and meaningful memories are now made in the kitchen. This makes people want a larger room that feels open and welcoming. That’s why neutral tones and colors are always in trend: so that they style can last as long as the memories.

Neutral Tones

Integrated Sink

As modern kitchens continue to evolve, integrated sinks are great for a seamless look. With inlayed material that is very similar or the same as the countertop, integrated sinks aren’t obvious and allow for clean lines. This can completely open up a room.

Veining and Patterns

With the rise of marble’s popularity, veining and other patterned stones are having a moment. Calacatta quartz offers a very similar look to marble. Other, more natural-looking stones can bring in an asymmetrical look that brings in unique swirls and lines.

Are You in Need of Kitchen Countertops in Fort Lauderdale?

Your kitchen countertops in Fort Lauderdale should withstand everything that your life throws at them! So, contact us at New York Quartz to know which stone and style is best for you and yours.